IELTS Task 2 Topic: More and more people work from home on their computers. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Sample Answer:

Nowadays, more and more people work from home on their own computers especially in IT industry and I think this is a negative development. I do admit that technology brings convenience to our modern lives; however, people rely too much on technologies these days and ignore the many good habits they used to have.

Working from home on computers damaged the interpersonal relationship. Many people who work home on computers normally just use email or text messages to contact each other, and people cannot feel each other’s facial expression or eye contact. Also, sentences and words cannot always convey the ideas correctly. Without these emotions signs, employees can never get to know his/her coworkers as a person. Communications become less important in life, and this development is not a positive sign in the whole human development.

Another negative impact for working from home on computer is that people get less exercise. Because computers can work so efficiently that employees do not need to step outside to continue their work; long term wise, employees will suffer many sicknesses due to lack of exercise. According to the World Bank 2016, 85% employees who work from home on computers get shoulder pains, back pains, knit pains…etc. However, if the person works in an office, he will have to walk or bike for a distance so that the person can lower the possibilities of getting those symptoms mentioned above.

Overall, I appreciate the positive outcomes that technologies bring to our lives, but we cannot ignore the potential problems that technologies bring us. Therefore, I insist that people increasingly work from home on their computers is a negative development.


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