IELTS Task 2 Sample Essay-Cheap Air Travel 雅思写作例文

Task 2 Question

Many people think cheap air travel should be encouraged because it gives ordinary people freedom to travel further. However, others think this leads to environmental problems, so air travel should be more expensive in order to discourage people from having it.

Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Today, budget or low-cost airlines have become a rising trend in global aviation industry. Some people believe they should be promoted since an average person could reap the benefits of traveling more distances by air, whereas others think the price of airline tickets should be raised for the sake of a better environment. I think it should be encouraged but an alternative clean energy should be applied to power our aircrafts.

Some believe that cheap air travel ought to be encouraged because of its many advantages. First, lower airfare allows common people to enjoy the liberty of traveling overseas. Compare with 20 years ago, today’s travellers are able to fly across oceans, continents with reasonable expenses with the help of technology. When given an opportunity to travel abroad with very low budget, their world and vision are going to be greatly expanded, and therefore changing their perspectives towards life. In addition, global tourism is also benefiting from economical air flights. For example, if Air Canada provides return tickets from Toronto to Tokyo with only $500, local Torontonians will definitely visit Japan more frequently, so bringing positive impacts to Canada’s traveling industry as well as tourism industry in Japan.

On the other hand, others believe that frequent air traveling is a major contributor to air pollution. At first, regardless of taking off or landing, each airplane consumes approximately one ton of aviation diesel. Even though most of the airports are located in the remote or less populated areas, the pollutants from the exhaust are still released in the atmosphere causing the infamous green house effect. Furthermore, when traveling is enabled by lower budgets, tourists will visit more places, which in turn leave a huge carbon footprint to the planet. In other words, the lower the price of flying, the more flights will be taken, and therefore more carbon dioxide emissions will be discharged to the air. This is a huge damage to the global environment and definitely worth the attention.

To conclude, since the competition between airline companies are becoming fiercer than ever before, it is hard to alter the low price trend of flights. In my opinion, airline companies and Silicon Valley should work out a plan for a renewable energy source to substitute the current jet fuel. Only in this way can citizens enjoy a reasonable airfare and maintain a balanced living condition for our children in the future.


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